Trump’s Administration is Run Like a Bad Family Owned Business

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One thing all Democrats and Republicans can agree with is that the state has been in chaos and quagmire since President Donald Trump took office. The status quo has prevailed that the head of state has been facing criticism from different parties, groups and individuals.


A noteworthy instant are the contents of a PowerPoint Presentation prepared by leading executives of the AGC (Associated General Contractors of America), one of the firms in the national trade groups.


The presentation describes Trump as an autocratic leader who habitually “humiliates [his] senior team” and runs the government “like a bad family owned small business.” Again, the presentationspells out clearly that the group sees President Trump as the hope for their agenda of rekindling the environmental and labor rules

Have a look athow Jeff ShoafAGC’s CEO put it in a PowerPoint slide in July 2017

In defense of these statements, AGC spokesman Brian Turmailsaid that describing the administration as “run like a bad family owned business” was not meant to be derogatory. He explains that the group intended to present the idea to the members in a way that’s relatable to them. AGC represents over 26,000 firms countrywide.


Off the political handle, do you think Jeff Shoaf was right about the characteristics of a poorly run family business? He highlights very sensitive points that any family business CEO should ponder over and avoid by all means. What’s more, the fact that these mistakes are being made at the nation’s highest office should ring bells to any small business owner.

We all know that if you’re the company boss that applies for a merchant loan and messes it up, wants to do everyone’s job and makes impulsive decisions, then you’re up for failure.And it doesn’t take a genius to tell that president Trump’s management techniques are poor. His administration is always in trouble.

Final Remarks

Clearly, Jeff was thoughtful in his presentation, it takes time to analyze a person’s traits and link them to back to his/her failures. But it takes wits to find and use an example that everyone can relate to.

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