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Grilled Vegetable Souvlaki

We already said it; Greeks like eating food on the skewers, or wrapped in pitas. That is how one more tasteful Greek souvlaki was born: grilled vegetable souvlaki! Grilled veggies slightly enriched with olive oil! It may sounds way too simple but it’s not. Nothing tastes better than veggies all year long. In Greece veggies […]

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Veggie Pita Souvlaki with Feta Dressing

Veggie Souvlaki with Feta Dressing in Pita Bread During the hot summer months, Greeks like to eat their seasonal vegetables either fresh or roasted. With some olive oil and feta cheese, they are a complete, filling and tasty meal. Basically, Greeks grill or broil all vegetables they have in abundance and season them with some […]

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