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Sausage Souvlaki

Anybody for Sausage Souvlaki? After talking about pork being the most traditional souvlaki meat, then chicken as more and more popular souvlaki variation, one could ask what happens with sausages?! Do Greeks eat and love sausages? Oh, yeah, be sure, they do. Loukaniko, as they call sausage, has a special place in the Greek cuisine. […]

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Homemade Pita Souvlaki with Pork

As a variety of souvlaki exists, the most traditional one is still the Greeks’ favorite: Pita Souvlaki with Pork. Mostly, Greeks wouldn’t emphasize on pork; they will just say pita Souvlaki. Only if they want some other kind of souvlaki – meaning, other kind of meat in their pita – they would point that out. […]

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