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Salmon Souvlaki Recipe

What’s better in summer in Greece than fish and sea-food? And especially if it comes in the form of souvlaki! Salmon souvlaki recipe is easy to make and the result is extremely tasty. It’s even hard to find words to describe this fish – souvlaki pearl! It’s even harder to have only one or two. […]

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Grilled Swordfish Souvlaki

Grilled Swordfish Souvlaki is a very delicate and loved Greek food on skewers. Greeks love fish and seafood and no wonder they have adequate souvlaki types. Swordfish is a mild fish and its taste goes really well with the majority of Greek spices and herbs, or the strong-in-taste eggplant, olive or other tapenades. Swordfish souvlaki […]

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