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Chicken Thigh Souvlaki

Chicken Thigh Souvlaki is an absolute proof that Greeks love so much their souvlaki that everything that can get the shape and form of it, it will! The Americans usually make jokes about their “on the stick”- food extravaganza typical mostly for the state and local fairs. In Greece, souvlaki is no joke for sure. […]

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Pita with chicken gyros

The recipe for chicken gyros with pita is easy to cook at home. The ingredients for this recipe you will find them in larger and international market stores in your city; usually the ingredients we buy on our own are much better than the ones we found at souvlaki stores or restaurants. Here you can […]

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Chicken Souvlaki Recipe

As much as souvlaki is traditional Greek “fast food” or “street food”, it is also very common home-made dish especially when it comes to Chicken Souvlaki. You may have Chicken souvlaki with pita bread or without it. Greeks love food and they are ready to spend hours in the kitchen to bring their favorite dishes […]

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