Sausage Souvlaki

Anybody for Sausage Souvlaki? After talking about pork being the most traditional souvlaki meat, then chicken as more and more popular souvlaki variation, one could ask what happens with sausages?! Do Greeks eat and love sausages? Oh, yeah, be sure, they do.

Loukaniko, as they call sausage, has a special place in the Greek cuisine. Actually, Greeks like to make their sausages rather than go and buy them – first of all because the home-made sausages are healthier and as many people here would tell you, you can see what you put in it. And that’s important. The problem is that they don’t have enough time to make them, but in rural areas, it is still quite common.

Pork, lamb and chicken sausages are probably the most common in Greece. The most popular are those made of a combination of different types of meat. The secret of the good sausage is hidden in spices – what to use, how much, and in what proportion if using particular herbs and spices. And Greeks are masters when it comes to those tiny ingredients that change “the world of flavors”.

The most common spices for sausages in Greece are thyme, dry oregano, bahari, dry hot pepper, garlic, and of course, salt and freshly grinded pepper in abundance. And that’s it. To make a sausage souvlaki, all you need is to prepare grill, skewers, and lemon. Yes, Greeks wouldn’t eat their sausages without lemon!!!

This type of souvlaki is sport-fans’ favorite. You can find it around all athletic stadiums and places where sport matches take place. And it’s so easy to make at home!

Sausage-Souvlaki Recipe


  • Sausages, whole or cut in a bite size pieces
  • Lemons

Put the whole sausage or the pieces on the skewer. Grill until done, and before taking the first bite squeeze over the fresh lemon juice! If not at the sport match, combine it with tzatziki – its coolness offsets the spicy taste of the Sausage souvlaki just perfect. You can serve it with pita bread, tomato and onions.

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