Pita with chicken gyros

The recipe for chicken gyros with pita is easy to cook at home. The ingredients for this recipe you will find them in larger and international market stores in your city; usually the ingredients we buy on our own are much better than the ones we found at souvlaki stores or restaurants. Here you can read how you can make your own pita with chicken gyros and impress your family and friends with this Greek Recipe.

Chicken gyros, healthier than pork gyros

chicken gyros pitaOne of the most popular types of souvlaki food nowadays in Greece is pita with chicken gyros. This means, first of all that traditional pork meat is replaced with chicken, more precisely chicken breast. After all dieting guidelines and medical suggestions that chicken is leaner and, hence healthier meat than pork, chicken found its way into the Greek cuisine, even in its most traditional dishes. The truth is that chicken is lighter meat and that young people rather eat kotopoulo (chicken) than pork.

Introducing chicken into souvlaki shops in Greece didn’t mean just simply replacing pork with chicken. The right combination of other ingredients had to accompany this new eating trend and Greeks came up with the perfect match one more time.

Tzatziki didn’t match that well with chicken so something else should have been added to moist that whole pita-chicken souvlaki. The most taste-proper replacement was found in a mixture of mayo and mustard. In many shops this sauce goes to pita with chicken gyros by default. In others, you can choose between mayo or mustard, or combine them if that’s is your call. Some places offer ketchup as additional ingredient for the sauce.

And don’t forget, if you want to order the chicken version of gyros, you have to ask for pita-gyros chicken; otherwise, asking only for pita-gyros it will come with pork!

Recipe for Pita with Chicken Gyros

  • 2 pitas
  • Gyros chicken or sliced pieces of chicken if making it at home
  • few leaves of lettuce
  • 2 small tomatoes, sliced
  • Mayo-mustard mix sauce
  • fries (optional)

Marinade pieces of sliced chicken for a few hours or overnight. Grill them when time comes for a meal. While grilling them, add pitas on the side of grill so you make them crispier.

Once meat is done, put them on pita, add mayo-mustard sauce, slices of tomatoes, leaves of lettuce, and wrap everything in pita bread. If you like, you can have fries with this delicious souvlaki.

If you can find ready Greek chicken gyros in food stores in your city, it can make your homemade chicken souvlaki even better, as Greek chicken gyros is very tasty! It will be even tastier if you grill the gyros and the pita bread over charcoal, which gives it a distinct taste.

How to order properly Pita with Chicken Gyros in Greece

In Athens you should ask for souvlaki with pita-gyros chicken. In Greek you must say: souvlaki me pita gyro kotopoulo.

In other places in Greece, usually it is enough to ask for pita-gyros chicken. In Greek: pita gyro kotopoloulo, or gyropita kotopoulo.

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