Lemon Marinade for Souvlaki

The best souvlaki is the one that spent some time in marinade. Ask any Greek how they prefer their souvlaki and you will hear exactly that. The overnight marinade is what all souvlaki lovers will do. After sitting in marinade all night, and then cooked, the meat will be tender, juicy, and overall much, much tastier. Lemon marinade for souvlaki is simply the secret of this amazing food.

Lemon marinade is, in general, one of the favorite marinades of the Greeks. Not only for meat or souvlaki, but the truth is that the meat sprinkled with lemon, or cooked in the lemon marinade is how Greeks prefer eating their meat. Lemon marinade goes best with pork, lamb and veal souvlaki, but it’s not unusual for the Greeks to use it for chicken or seafood as well. The only difference is that when you use it for chicken, for example, the meat doesn’t need to stay in the marinade the whole night: even couple of hours will do. Veal will be good also if marinated for just few hours, while pork and lamb need more hours. Overnight marinade, as it seems sometimes, was invented for these two kinds of meat.

Lemon Marinade for Souvlaki Recipe


  • 4 tablespoons lemon juice
  • 1 teaspoon oregano leaves
  • 3 teaspoons olive oil
  • 3 garlic cloves
  • Salt and pepper to taste

Squeeze fresh juice from the lemon. That’s the most important part, to have fresh lemon juice. Add it to the olive oil and mix well. Chop garlic cloves, or minced them which is even better. Add dry oregano leaves, salt and pepper to taste, and mix everything well. Depending for how long you want to marinade the meat, prepare the bowl or plastic bags. If marinated for only couple or few hours, place the meat in the bowl. If marinated overnight, place the meat in the plastic bags, and store them in the fridge. Be sure to shake those bags a few times so that meat can be evenly marinated, or stir the mix in the bowls a few times and make sure that the meat is covered. The next day, or a few hours later your meat will be ready to be grilled and will be perfect and tasty!

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