Homemade Pita Souvlaki with Pork

As a variety of souvlaki exists, the most traditional one is still the Greeks’ favorite: Pita Souvlaki with Pork. Mostly, Greeks wouldn’t emphasize on pork; they will just say pita Souvlaki. Only if they want some other kind of souvlaki – meaning, other kind of meat in their pita – they would point that out.

souvlaki in pita bread

souvlaki in pita bread

Traditional and basic souvlaki means that grilled pork pieces of meat will be fold in pita bread, in a company of tomato and red onion slices, as well as a spoonful of tzatziki sauce. Herbs and spices will be added to enhance the overall flavor.

Souvlaki is actually a complete meal, satisfying all human needs for proteins, minerals, carbs, fats, vitamins,etc. Flavor of each ingredient complements the flavor of another one – tzatziki, containing yogurt, garlic, and cucumbers – mixed cooling and warming ingredients, offsets perfectly well a strength of grilled meat, while tomato and onion are great combination by default.

Meat and tomatoes are often inseparable pair in Greek cuisine since tomato helps the digestion of meat. Onions boost digestive fire while soothing yogurt helps digestive juices to cool down. In brief, Greek souvlaki combines perfection.

Recipe for homemade pita souvlaki with pork


  • 1 kg of pork meat, cut in small cubes
  • 6 Pita breads
  • Juice of 4 lemons
  • salt, pepper and oregano for seasoning
  • Red onion rings
  • Slices of fresh tomato
  • Tzaziki or yogurt
  • Wooden skewers

Let’s start from the most important part – preparation of meat:

Make a marinade of olive oil, fresh lemon juice, oregano, thyme, pepper and salt. Cut pork in smaller cubes and marinate it overnight or at least for five or six hours before grilling.

When ready to grill the meat, put pieces in the skewers, salt and pepper them to fit your taste. Broil over charcoal grill.

While meat is grilling, spread olive oil over the pitas and place them on the grill making each side crispy but be careful not to over-dry them.

When meat is done, squeeze fresh lemon juice over meat, take each piece off the skewer and place it in the pita. Sprinkle meat with oregano, and add tzatziki or yogurt, some slices of red onion and slices of tomato to accompany meat.

Wrap everything with pita, and here we go – your homemade pita souvlaki is ready!

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