Fruit Souvlaki

Fruit Souvlaki – easy, refreshing, juicy, sweet, tasty, crunchy… all that mix together so that you can’t resist! As we already said, whatever can fit the skewer, you’ll find it in Greece. Maybe not everywhere in Greece and not in every souvlaki store, but both in summer and cold months this little skewer will make your day. It’s so easy to make at home and it’s good for everyone. Let’s put it this way – your kids don’t like fruit for some reason. Try to put a few pieces of fruit on a stick and just wait!

Or, unexpected guests arrive and you want to offer them something but except for some fruit (maybe some cheese) you don’t have anything else in your fridge: cut a few pieces of that fruit, put them on skewers, and your host face is saved. And so on – it’s up to you to find a reason or excuse to make it.

The best thing about fruit souvlaki is that you can combine all possible kinds of fruit. It’s hard to imagine what can’t go on the skewer. Let me think – blackberries maybe! But if they are big enough and the skewer is small enough, this will work too.

Another good thing about Fruit souvlaki is that you can combine it with some vegetables if you like, or even with pieces of meat – let me remind you how well pineapple, for example, goes with grilled pieces of chicken, or apples and prunes with pork, or prosciutto and white grapes, etc. You can also add mint leaves between the fruit pieces, especially if you keep the Fruit souvlaki in the fridge for awhile, so that the nearby piece of fruit will soak the flavor of mint.

Fruit Souvlaki Recipe

Fruits on a stick - delicious and healthy dessert

  • Strawberries
  • Banana
  • Apricots
  • Kiwi
  • Grapes

There is no particular preparation recommended here. Cut the fruits in a bite size and layer them on the skewer. If the strawberries are smaller in size, there is no need to cut them. The only suggestion we can give is, depending on the fruit you are using, to try to put more juicy fruit after the less juicy one, and to start and finish arranging the Fruit souvlaki with the firmer pieces of fruit – grape, banana, apple, pear, melon… Fruit souvlaki can be eaten on its own or accompany and decorate some other plate, with meat or seafood.

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